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Interactive, Small-Group Training Lab for Human Resource Professionals

Internal Consulting Skills for HR Professionals 

This full-day, small-group training labs is highly customizable.  We will tailor the content to fit your HR Team’s needs and time requirements (half-days, full-day, etc).  This workshop provides tools and strategies HR professionals need to help their organizations, as well as advance their careers.

(Our program can apply toward recertification credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HRCI homepage at 

This lab is perfect for HR professionals who want to move beyond administrative and tactical duties and become valuable internal consultants in their organization. Human resources professionals—both functional experts and generalists—will learn how to be internal consultants who can help their organizations with organizational changes, performance coaching, conflict mediation and other value-added services. 

Transform your HR team and your organization by providing this training.  Our lab combines Joan's Lloyd’s 25 years of internal and external consulting experience to give HR professionals, at all levels, hands-on experience with real-world issues. 

Internal Consulting Skills for HR Professionals 
facilitated by Joan Lloyd, C.S.P.

Participants will have an opportunity to work on the problems and opportunities they are facing in their own organization, as well as to diagnose and strategize issues faced in other organizations.  Learn—and practice—interventions and strategies, such as:
  • What an Internal Consultant does and how it is different from the way you work now.
  • New consulting competencies - practice the core skills.
  • Establishing your new role with your clients.
  • Identify your “internal market” and assess—and build--your influence and credibility.
  • How to do value-added work by turning the wrong work into the right solution.
  • How to contract with your internal clients so there are no surprises later.
  • How to give honest feedback to senior executives / managers / employees.
  • How to deal with resistant, internal clients.
  • How to become a sought after performance coach—intake contracting, behavioral coaching, gathering 360 data, working with the internal client’s  manager.
  • How to deal with the political realities and find ways around roadblocks when implementing change.
This workshop is an excellent way to raise the skill level of your HR team. The workshop is designed as a standalone workshop and is appropriate for HR professionals, at all levels.  Ask about our fee reduction for booking multiple sessions of this workshop, or booking multiple workshops as a training series. 
Comments from recent participants in Joan Lloyd’s small group training labs for HR professionals:
"The new skill which stands out for me was 'contracting.' That was an eye opener, I saw so clearly that I had become a 'pair of hands.' Now that I am working more with the senior management, it is imperative for my credibility that I enter into a different relationship with them. I plan to run off copies of your 'Bible' and use them in different situations until it becomes more familiar to me. The language you provided is 'solid gold!"

"The small class size in the session I attended was appealing. It allowed participants to voice concerns and offered an air of closeness/intimacy. It was less formal than some workshops, and it was easier to be honest and to share my concerns about the job that I do daily. Joan didn't lecture, she had a down-to-earth approach, with practical realities of what we face daily as HR Consultants."

"I DEFINITELY LEARNED NEW SKILLS I COULD USE IMMEDIATELY! After the lab, I was able to use one-on-one coaching information to help me deal with a difficult situation with a client. I also looked at the Staff Consulting Skills and Contracting Meeting notes to help me get prepared for this meeting. Attending this lab helped me truly reflect on the issue at hand and come up with alternatives and workable solutions to present."
"I would highly recommend this lab to other HR Professionals. A group of HR professionals from one organization would benefit just as greatly from this lab as the cross-section of participants, from different organizations, in the lab I attended. The skills discussed can be put to use immediately upon return to the workplace."
"I will definitely recommend this lab to other HR peers."
"I can immediately use the consulting questions and the techniques that Joan taught on how to use them. I also will use the techniques on how to be assertive/firm when talking with senior managers."
"I will recommend this lab to other HR Professionals, as well as to other consultants." 


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